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Once A Week Deodorant Wipes

Once A Week Deodorant Wipes

Once A Week Deodorant Wipes

Once-A-Week (OAW) deodorant wipes will give you freedom from body odor for 5-7 days, after just one application. 

How is it different?
Unlike regular deodorants, which generally mask body odor with perfumes, OAW actually eliminates the odor altogether, leaving your pores free to breathe. No other deodorant works like it! This is why OAW is revolutionary.


How does it work?
OAW promotes the development of a naturally occurring substance on your skin called Pio-Lactobacillus, otherwise known as “good bacteria”. This good bacteria prevents the growth of harmful bacteria which would otherwise grow on your skin. These harmful bacteria, when mixed with the proteins on your skin, and allowed to fester in a warm and moist environment like your underarms, cause what is known as body odor (B.O.).

Who is it for?

  • People who do not have a problem with wetness, and just want to keep themselves odor free
  • People who want the convenience of a deodorant that lasts all week without re-applying
  • People who need a deodorant that will not wash off
  • Travellers who need to carry small items
  • People with sensitive skin
  • People with aluminum allergies
  • Anyone who wants a discrete packet that can be kept in their purse, glovebox, pocket or wallet for emergency body odor problems

Who is it NOT for?
People with hyperhidrosis, who suffer from severe perspiration or odor, will want to use a stronger product like Klima Antiperspirant, HyperDri or Bonedri.

What is in it?
OAW wipes do not contain antiperspirant, heavy metals, or any other chemicals. In fact, OAW only contains 6 ingredients: water, propylene glycol, lactic acid, glycerol, potassium sulfite, lactobacillus ferment.

Tell me more!
Because OAW is unscented, you do not have to worry about clashing of fragrances with your cologne or perfume.

  • 100% Alcohol and Aluminum Free
  • Stain-Free and not sticky
  • Colorless and Fragrance-Free
  • Clinically tested and proven to cause NO skin irritation
  • Clinically tested and approved by the U.S FDA’s VCRP
  • Lasts 24 hours / All week long
  • Wipes away odor with immediate effect

Once-A-Week Deodorant Wipes safeguard you from body odor with weeklong protection, even after excessive sweating from workouts, hiking, cycling, swimming, dancing, bathing etc.

Once-A-Week wipes can be used anywhere on the body, and are very effective for Genital odor.

Each order contains 3 individually wrapped wipes.

*Time frame of protection varies individually from 5 to 10 days. 

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