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Deodorant Soap

Iceover Deodorant Soap is specially formulated using all-natural ingredients to keep you smelling great without irritating or over-drying your skin.

Iceover contains essential oils of Teatree, Sage and Lemongrass to fight odor. The natural coconut and palm oils found in Iceover cleanse and moisturize the skin.

Iceover smells great as you lather up in the shower and washes off easily, leaving you with smoother and cleaner skin. Iceover offers extra protection to your skin in the fight against body odor.

Used daily in the shower, Iceover is an excellent compliment to any daily deodorant regimen.

Iceover Deodorant Soap should not be used on the whole body – just where increased odor protection is required. Typically it is used on the hands, feet, groin and underarms. 

A bar typically lasts about 2 months.

Iceover is 85% organic and all-natural.