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Genital Sweating

Genital sweating is not something most people are comfortable talking about. But the reality is that millions of men and women are affected by it. The good news is that not only do we talk about genital sweating here at Klima – we also treat it. Aside from the embarrassment and discomfort, genital sweating can also lead to chafing, rashes, odor and even infection if left unattended.

Gents is the world’s first genital antiperspirant. Since Gents is not simply a deodorant, it not only treats odor issues, but also deals with wetness. This is revolutionary, as until now, no other product existed that treated this affliction. And, since Gents is aluminum-free, you don’t need to worry about over-drying or irritating your skin. Gents also lasts 24 hours, so it can be applied before bed or in the morning, giving you outstanding odor and wetness protection.

Genital Hyperhidrosis:

Excessive genital sweating is a skin disease referred to as Genital Hyperhidrosis, and it is a hereditary condition. Chances are, if you suffer from Genital Hyperhidrosis there is someone else in your family who does as well. Many factors can influence and even exacerbate Genital Hyperhidrosis:

· Exercise
· Anxiety
· Menopause
· Stress
· Hormone Imbalance
· Heat and Humidity

Fairy Dust and Dingo Dust are the world's first Aluminum Powder Antiperspirants for the genitals. Excellent at preventing chafing, stopping perspiration, and keeping you fresh, this product is a revelation for those suffering from Genital Hyperhidrosis. 

Vaginal Sweating

Vaginal sweating is not actually caused by sweat emanating from the vagina, but from the creases in the inner thighs and buttocks. This genital sweating can cause discomfort and rashes - especially during the summer months. Using an aluminum-free antiperspirant like Gents or Fairy Dust powder can help diminish nearly all of the excess vaginal sweating symptoms.

Hyper Shields are a soft, absorbent and washable pad that prevents excess genital and buttock perspiration from soaking through your undergarments and clothing. These reusable, cost-effective pads are a great way to help combat the effects of Genital Hyperhidrosis. 

Groin Odor

Groin odor, also unapologetically referred to in men as "sweaty ball syndrome" and in women as "swamp crotch", are a normal outcome of having hyperactive sweat glands in the genital and anus areas. If you can eliminate or lessen the amount of perspiration, the odor should disappear. Klima has multiple products to help eliminate groin odor. And for extra help in preventing genital odor, our Iceover Deodorant soap works wonders at keeping your groin smelling fresh all day long.

Menopause Sweating

It is quite common for women going through perimenopause and menopause to experience increased sweating. Genital and groin sweating is an unfortunate part of this process. It can be embarrassing and can cause extreme discomfort and irritation. Genital antiperspirants can help alleviate the excess perspiration caused by menopausal sweating.

We offer many products specifically designed to treat Genital Hyperhidrosis. These include our topical antiperspirant serum (Gents), our Antiperspirant Powders (Dingo Dust for men, and Fairy Dust for women), and our reusable and washable Hyper Shield pads. *For added protection, you can use Gents, Fairy or Dingo Dust, Iceover and Hyper Shields in combination.