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Hand Sweating

If you suffer from hand sweating, you are not alone. Millions of people have this condition, and the severity ranges from mildly sweaty hands to hands so sweaty that people who suffer form this are afraid to shake another person's hand for fear of embarrassment.

Hand Antiperspirant

Using a hand antiperspirant can dramatically lower the amount of perspiration coming from your palms and fingers. Since pores in the skin on your hands are extremely small (much smaller than the ones found on your underarms), the molecules in a hand antiperspirant must be small enough to penetrate these tiny pores.

The hands are actually the most difficult part of the body to keep from sweating. During initial treatment, you may notice that your body is producing more sweat than it was producing previously. Don’t worry - this is a normal bodily reaction, and shouldn't last for more than a few days. Stick with the regimen for 30 days and you will notice a significant decrease in your hand sweating.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis

The technical term for extremely sweaty hands is called Palmar Hyperhidrosis. There are many types of hyperhidrosis, each affecting a different part of the body. Palmar Hyperhidrosis is quite common and can be treated effectively with topical products or iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis for Hands

A home iontophoresis machine is the next step for people with extremely sweaty hands that don't find an acceptable level of relief using topical hand antiperspirants. Iontophoresis machines deliver a mild electrical pulse to your skin that temporarily

Treatments for Sweaty Hands

On a sliding scale, the least obtrusive method of treating sweaty hands would be to use our line of topical products. In the middle of the scale would be Iontophoresis treatment (mild electric shock therapy for the hands), then Botox injections, and finally, surgery as the most invasive and dangerous option.

Before opting for a potentially dangerous and entirely irreversible option like surgery, make sure you have exhausted all other alternatives. One of the most common side effects experienced after surgery is called “compensatory sweating”. This is a condition where your body stops producing sweat in one area, and chooses another random area (groin, thighs, breasts, etc.) to start profusely sweating, making up for the sweating that you have stopped elsewhere. 

With our line of products, you will not need to worry about compensatory sweating, or be subjected to a perilous and potentially dangerous treatment method. 

Depending on how much your hands sweat, we can tailor a program to suit your specific needs. Whether you only need to use one product, or require a combination of products to reduce your sweating, you will find a level of dryness and freshness that you never thought possible.

Our topical sprays and serums can help get your confidence back. Whether it’s feeling comfortable enough to go dancing with a partner, keeping your golf club from slipping and sliding in your hands, or just giving you the extra boost needed to close the deal – Klima Palmar Hyperhidrosis products are for you.

Please use the chart below to determine your level of Palmar Hyperhidrosis and which products will work best for you.


·         Hands sweat more than the average person

·         You are reluctant to shake hands



·         Use Klima Confidence Handspray every morning.  Although the product will wash off, the protection will last through 5 hand washings.



·         Hands sweat 1-3 hours after showering

·         You avoid social encounters like shaking hands or dancing

·         You find yourself wiping your hands on your pants often

·         Use Klima Confidence Handspray every morning

·         Use Grip Antiperspirant Serum every night



·         Hands drip sweat right after showering

·         You leave wet handprints on paper

·         You sometimes wear gloves

·         You do not shake hands

·         You avoid social situations

·         Possible blisters and peeling skin


·         Use Klima Confidence Handspray every morning

·         Use Grip Antiperspirant Serum every night

·         Get  iontophoresis treatments from a dermatologist, or purchase a unit for home use (Click here for info)



It may seem like a hassle to use multiple products, however, depending on the severity of your sweating, this may be a needed measure to get your hand sweating under control. After about a month of use, your body will begin to produce less perspiration, and you may be able to scale back on the number of products you need to use.

Possibly the strongest and most effective hand antiperspirant in the entire world, Klima Confidence Handspray will keep you dry like no other product you have ever tried. Hands are the hardest part of the body to keep from sweating because the pores are so tiny and close together. Despite this, Klima’s Handspray formula boasts an 80% customer satisfaction rate. And, it should be noted, that most of our clients suffer from extreme sweating.

When coupled with our Grip Antiperspirant Serum, the customer satisfaction jumps to 92%.

We wish there was a non-surgical way to stop your hands from sweating completely, but until then, Klima and Grip are the most powerful topical treatments money can buy.