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Overly Dry Hair

Specially designed to control extremely frizzy hair, brittle hair, and hair that is just plain frazzled. Mane Tamer is enhanced with fractionated coconut oil and meadowfoam seed oil to deeply moisturize hair and scalp.

Mane Tamer works by compacting the cuticle layers of your hair, which results in shiny, bouncy hair that is not weighed down. The active ingredients leave the hair feeling smooth and form a protective layer over the cortex, where the cuticle cells have broken away, creating a protective layer over these rough edges. This protective coating seals in moisture and reduces static electricity.

The result is pure, radiant hair. Mane Tamer was originally created for women of color and their unique hair needs, however, it has become a very popular product for people of any race with extreme hair conditioning needs.

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