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Lice & Household Pests

Are you or members of your household struggling with pest problems, such as lice, ticks, nits, fleas, flies, spiders, earwigs or dust mites? Finding a safe and effective treatment solution for these unwanted intruders is often difficult because of the harmful additives and chemicals that are found in today's popular pest treatment brands.


Especially if you are treating young children, it is vitally important to use a safe and non-toxic product to treat their gentle scalp and hair.

Because our Pest Treatment Products are non-toxic, and made with only natural enzymes and essential oils, they can be used by individuals of all ages, without fear of exposure to dangerous and potentially poisonous chemicals. 

Klima's patented all-natural, non-toxic solution is the only product on the market that can elimiate lice and nits with only one application. And the product is so safe you could accidentally ingest it - without fear of harming you or your loved ones.

Our Tweetmint non-toxic insect killer is a concentrated liquid that can be added to a spray bottle of water, and applied inside or outside your home to eliminate nearly all harmful insects. And, it is Bee-Safe!


Our Pest Treatment Product line features shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, and so much more - all of the things you will need to safely get rid of any pesky bug problem, once and for all.