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Do you suffer from excessive sweating on your face, head, neck, or scalp? If Facial Hyperhidrosis is affecting your daily life, you know that even though sweating on other parts of your body can be heavier and lead to various types of infection more often, it is the highly obvious facial sweat that is the most embarrassing of them all. 

This is because your face is the first thing people notice about you, and is harder to hide, even with makeup. The sweat can be triggered by emotional stress, exercise, because you are hot, or for no reason at all. But no matter the reason for it, just like any other form of perspiration, sweating on your face is uncomfortable and humiliating. 

I remember the months I lived in Bangkok, which is a humid, tropical climate, and by the time I made the hour-long commute to work in the morning, my carefully-applied makeup was no more. My face would fast become a smudgy, oily mess from all the wetness. It was not a good look to be stuck with all day long. 

If you can sympathize and know what I am talking about, you can stop looking for yet another possible solution, because Façade Facial Antiperspirant Serum is the most powerful topical antiperspirant for the face on the market, and you will love it! 

This gentle gel is aluminum-free, meaning that while it may take a bit longer to shrink your pores, it will be gentle on your skin and you will still notice decreased perspiration after one week. If used daily, Façade will reach its full effectiveness after four weeks; a small amount of time to wait for the pesky problem of a perpetually wet face to be solved!

Problems With Sweating

KLIMA ANTIPERSPERANTWhile sweat is beneficial in that it’s purpose is to cool your body, it can also be very distressing - due to the wetness and odor it causes - especially for people who sweat excessively. No one likes that uncomfortable wet feeling, or to have to worry about stained clothing. But for some people the problem is far [...]

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Certain Dri Vs. Klima Antiperspirant

Certain Dri is a non-prescription product that is designed to stop excess sweating. It is marketed as an alternative to more drastic treatment methods such as Botox injections or even surgical treatment. It is more expensive than most conventional antiperspirants as it is targeted at a smaller demographic of the population.There is a proven medical [...]

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Best Deodorant Soap for Odor

ICEOVER DEODORANT SOAPIf you suffer from Bromhidrosis or odor on any part of your body, one solution may be a specialized deodorant soap. While many of our products on the market are geared toward specific body parts or types of Hyperhidrosis, deodorant soaps can be used anywhere on the body. Just remember, they are not meant to replace your regular [...]

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​The History of Klima Health Solutions

The History of Klima Health SolutionsIn 2001, I noticed that my over-the-counter (OTC) underarm deodorant was simply not doing the trick. I thought to myself that perhaps they changed the formula, and this one didn’t work for me. So, I bought a different OTC deodorant. That one worked for about 2 weeks, and then the same thing happened. I [...]

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The Benefits of Using Iontophoresis for Sweaty Palms

The Benefits of Using Iontophoresis for Sweaty PalmsIf you have sweaty palms, then you know how difficult hyperhidrosis can be to treat. Sure, you can try a few remedies, but they only work temporarily. Treating a sweating problem for the long-term isn't easy. The effort can be a waste of time and money if you're [...]

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DRYSOL Excessive sweating has been the cause of embarrassment and discomfort to millions of people worldwide for many years. A trip to your local pharmacist would have usually resulted in being told to wash more thoroughly or buying a supposed 24-hour antiperspirant. You may even get referred to a specialist who suggests that you pay for [...]

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New Website Design

Welcome to our new and improved website! On February 17, 2015, we upgraded our website to give customers more control of their account. You can now add items to a wish list, store your shipping information, look up old orders and re-order if you choose, and much more!If you have any problems using the [...]

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