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Sweat & Perspiration

About Perspiration and Klima

As you may know, it is when the naturally occurring bacteria on our skin are allowed to fester in a moist and warm condition that our bodies produce body odor (B.O.).

The sweatier you are, the more likely you are to be malodorous as well. So it stands to reason that the converse is also true - the drier you keep your skin, the fresher it (and you) will smell.

Underarms are not the only part of the body affected in this way. Feet, hands, chest, face, legs and even genitals can get too sweaty. The nervous system in a person with Hyperhidrosis - or excessive sweating - sends very strong messages when the individual is nervous or excited. This reaction can produce a lot of moisture. Sometimes, even when there seems to be no external stimuli present, a person with Hyperhidrosis can start perspiring. Most people find this moisture (and the odor that often accompanies it) embarrassing. This can make it difficult for Hyperhidrosis sufferers to interact with other people outside of the home.

There is a myth that it's dangerous to block your pores from sweating by using antiperspirants. If you were to rub antiperspirant all over your entire body, this might be the case. However, the small amount of surface area that comprises you underarms, your palms and your feet is not a significant portion of your overall skin surface area, and therefore is not cause for alarm.

You will notice that Klima Products are much stronger and more effective than the products touted as “clinical strength”, and the mass-produced antiperspirants you see for sale in America.

Do you have Hyperhidrosis?

Do you run home to re-apply deodorant before going out after work? Do you ever wash your underarms or feet between showers? Are you constantly checking yourself to make sure your deodorant is holding up? Do regular deodorants seem to stop working for you after a few weeks of using them? Do you keep deodorant in your car, your desk at work or in your locker at school? Have you ever had wet marks on your shirt or ruined a shirt from perspiration stains? Are you ever worried about taking off your shoes because of the smell? Do you fear shaking hands with people because of your wet palms? Does your face flush and sweat more than other people’s? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may have Hyperhidrosis.

You should not have to live life like this. You deserve to shower and brush your teeth in the morning and go about your daily business like everyone else, without having to monitor your scent and moisture levels.

It's surprisingly easy to treat the symptoms associated with Hyperhidrosis with Klima Products, the most effective antiperspirants/deodorants you can buy with or without a prescription. Klima Products will keep you dry and odor-free throughout the day and night. No longer will you have to run home and "freshen up" after work or before a date. The antiperspirant you put on in the morning will easily last until the following morning…some of our products even last up to 5 days straight! Nothing works harder to keep you feeling dry and smelling fresh.

Please click on your type of hyperhidrosis below to see products and additional information:

Underarms – Axillary Hyperhidrosis
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Feet – Plantar Hyperhidrosis
Face/Head/Back – Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis
Groin – Genital Hyperhidrosis
Breast - Bust and Chest Hyperhidrosis