IontoPulse IP-450 Direct and Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

IontoPulse IP-450 Direct and Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

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Iontophoresis machines are excellent at eliminating the perspiration associated with hyperhidrosis. The Iontopulse IP-450 (Pulsed Current) is a high-grade, professional Iontophoresis machine for Hyperhidrosis therapy to stop Sweating. European engineering provides a sturdy product that should last for up to 20 years. It is used all over the world by dermatologists, skin-care clinics, and home use.


IONTOPULSE IP-450 Iontophoresis Machine


  • With optional adapters, this machine can also treat chest, back, face, genitals and of course - hands, feet and underarms.
  • Switchable between Direct or Pulsed Current to suit your comfort level
  • Specialized electronic sensors protect you from the electric fence effect (unpleasant shocking) that can occur in other models
  • Presets for hands, feet, or underarms (can be changed and saved)
  • Measures resistance/current through dryness in skin and automatically adjusts current up to the desired level (will operate at lower level if higher level is not necessary)
  • Can be used in clinical or home settings
  • Robust/durable construction
  • 4-year Warranty


What’s in the box? (Everything you need for hands and feet treatment)

  • 1 Iontopulse IP-450 tap water iontophoresis (TWI) module
  • 1 USA Type A plug AC Adapter (unless Type C is requested)
  • 1 carrying case (sides of case are used as treatment trays)
  • 1 pair of 6 mm thick connection cables
  • 1 pair of protection grid mats
  • Quick Set Up Guide
  • 2 aluminum electrode plates (used for hands and feet treatment)
  • 1 Foot Adapter to adjust current and time while treatment is running

The IontoPulse IP-450 is an amazing machine that allows you to choose between Direct Current Mode or Pulsed Current Mode. Although not as good as "variable pulsed" current,  Pulsed current is preferable to Direct current, as the feeling of using the device is less imperceptible to your skin. This allows you to treat the skin at higher amperages without as many uncomfortable feelings. Higher treatment amperage means fewer treatments, shorter treatments and less perspiration.

This device is easy to operate, and with its fully automated detection system, and foot pedal, you can even treat your hands alone, without an extra operator. The device automatically recognizes when the hands are inside the trays and the current starts by slowly increasing until the end of the session, when it will decrease the current slowly to Zero.

It includes a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 4-year warranty. This is the best in the industry!*.

No batteries required. The IontoPulse is a professional electronic device you plug in to a normal outlet (optional adapters for every country). It has a stable, and highly scratch resistant control pad, designed for everyday usage in clinics. Similar type control buttons and pads are used in the medical industry and can withstand millions of usage cycles before wearing out.

It has a memory function with storage banks to store treatment times and current levels for hands, feet and armpits. The machine is easy to use, and easy to set up. The control pad allows fully-automated treatments. Real 30 mA direct current and a real 20 mA pulsed current

Features of the IontoPulse IP-450: 

  • Unit can be switched from direct current to pulsed current.
  • The current is fully adjustable using the keypad or the foot pedal. The therapy times are adjustable using the keypad or the foot pedal.
  • Through Pulsed mode, higher currents - compared to direct current - can be used for sensitive areas.
  • High Iontophoresis currents: almost all battery operated systems can´t achieve these high current levels, resulting in inferior performance.
  • The only professional iontophoresis machine with a foot pedal and expandable double treatment outputs.
  • Electric shock protection (to protect from the well-known, electric fence effect)
  • Small and light-weight (about 3 pounds).


Simultaneous treatment of the hands and feet is possible by dividing the trays. Use one for both feet and the other for both hands.

With additional sponge attachments, treatment of the face, back and armpits is possible.

In case of the following contra-indications Iontophoresis therapy should not be used or shall only be used after consulting your doctor:

  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • electronically controlled implanted devices (ex. pacemaker)
  • metallic implanted devices in the area where the current flows
  • metallic intrauterine implanted devices (loop)
  • pregnancy
  • serious skin diseases

*60 Day Return Policy: You may be charged a fee if the machine is damaged, scratched or mistreated - to cover repair fees. 


Please email your prescription to us for our files so we may fulfill the order. If you do not have a prescription, please call us and we can help you get one.