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Excessive sweating has been the cause of embarrassment and discomfort to millions of people worldwide for many years. A trip to your local pharmacist would have usually resulted in being told to wash more thoroughly or buying a supposed 24-hour antiperspirant. You may even get referred to a specialist who suggests that you pay for costly surgical treatment, or even Botox injections.

Using Drysol is a different approach to this age old problem. Drysol should be applied to totally dry skin just before you go to bed. Then in the morning, the area should be washed. Repeat this for two to three more nights and you may notice that Drysol has made a difference in your condition. It is important to remember that there may be additional residue from the product that could bleach the color out of your clothes, so don’t wear your favorite T-shirt!

Results vary from person to person. Overall, there does seem to be a positive response to Drysol minimizing the production of sweat, although this can come at a cost. This takes the form of a noticeable itching and irritation occurring where the product has been applied.

Although Drysol

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