2.0mm Derma Roller

2.0mm Derma Roller

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The Klima Derma Roller is an incredible device, which naturally increases the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin. Increased levels of collagen and elastin result in the healing of: stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, uneven pitted skin, hair loss, and cellulite.

Our Derma Rollers come in a variety of options – with differing numbers and lengths of surgical steel micro-needles. You simply roll the device over the skin (without puncturing it) opening many of your pores and telling your skin to heal itself by creating more collagen. It is very safe to use and pain-free.

Which size should I buy?

We recommend a 540 needle device at these lengths:

    • Stretch Marks: 1.0mm (moderate) – 1.5mm (severe)

    • Acne Scars: 0.5mm (light) – 1.5mm (severe)

    • Chicken Pox Scars: 0.5mm (light) – 1.5mm (severe)

    • Hair Loss: 0.5mm (light) – 1.0mm (severe)

    • Cellulite: 1.5mm (light) – 2.0mm (severe)

    • Wrinkles: 0.5mm (light) – 1.5mm (severe)

    • Pitted/Uneven Skin: 0.5mm (light) – 1.5mm (severe)

    • Using with anti-aging serum: 0.5mm (light) – 1.0mm (severe)

Directions for use: Gently roll the Klima Derma Roller across the skin, pressing gently to stimulate the dermis. You will feel a light tickling sensation, but no pain. You should not make puncture marks or draw blood. You may notice a reddening of the skin after using. This is normal and will dissipate after about an hour. For this reason we recommend using the device before bed. Use a vitamin rich moisturizer or aloe vera after use to increase healing and skin elasticity. Use a sunscreen if you will be exposed to harsh sun rays as your skin will be slightly more sensitive to sunburn.

This item is the 2.0mm roller with 540 needles.

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    Great Customer Service

    Posted by Deirdre Berger on 30th Dec 2020

    I ordered a 2.0 dermaroller. I am familiar with these products as I already have a couple of different sizes. I already own a 1.5 dermaroller and wanted to buy a 2.0. I was sent a 1.5 instead of the 2.0. I called the company and they sent me the correct one AND let me keep the extra one as a free gift!

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