Best Deodorant Soap for Odor

Posted by Guy Kitchell on on 11th Dec 2015


If you suffer from Bromhidrosis or odor on any part of your body, one solution may be a specialized deodorant soap. While many of our products on the market are geared toward specific body parts or types of Hyperhidrosis, deodorant soaps can be used anywhere on the body. Just remember, they are not meant to replace your regular body wash or soap that you use on the remainder of your body.

One great deodorant soap that really fights odor is Iceover, manufactured by Klima Health Solutions. It is organic and natural, and will leave your body feeling and smelling fresh. Teatree, Sage, and Lemongrass essential oils, as well as palm and natural coconut, combine to fight odor and leave you smelling fresh. It is a great addition to your daily grooming ritual, and will aid in making your other hygiene products work better. If you want to feel like you just stepped out of the shower all day long, start your day with Iceover.