Certain Dri Vs. Klima Antiperspirant

14th Dec 2015

Certain Dri is a non-prescription product that is designed to stop excess sweating. It is marketed as an alternative to more drastic treatment methods such as Botox injections or even surgical treatment. It is more expensive than most conventional antiperspirants as it is targeted at a smaller demographic of the population.

There is a proven medical link between the sweat produced by a person and an increase in the bacterial activity, which is the source of the odor. Certain Dri can be an effective way to stops the source of the odor, by eliminating the breeding ground of the bacteria. Of course this is usually a secondary concern to the worry and discomfort of wet uncomfortable clothes. Certain Dri works by blocking the pores which effectively limits the body’s ability to produce sweat.

The treatment involves appyling Certain Dri to the affected area before you go to bed. This is the time when your sweat glands are at their least active and so can effectively be blocked. It is available in both spray and roll on, so you can target any area of the body that you want to. Of course this sort of treatment also has its risks attached. The active ingredient in Certain Dri is aluminium chloride hexahydrate. When Certain Dri is applied directly to the skin, it is immediately absorbed and works to temporarily shrink sweat glands. It has been noted that aluminium chloride hexahydrate may block toxins from escaping through the armpits, causing them to accumulate in the lymph nodes near the breast.

Although there have been no studies to prove a link with any diseases, it is of obvious concern. With this in mind, it would be advisable to use Certain Dri sparingly and only for the most severe of cases. Certain Dri has also been shown to cause itching, rashes and burning sensations on the skin where applied.

If you want to avoid the possible risks, itching, burning and rednes associated with the use of Certain Dri, you should try Klima Antiperspirant. Klima Antiperspirant is gentle on the skin, safe to use and stops sweating longer (up to 5 days) than Certain Dri. Click here to view the World's Strongest Antiperspirant.