Problems With Sweating

Problems With Sweating

Posted by Guy Kitchell on on 22nd Dec 2015


While sweat is beneficial in that it’s purpose is to cool your body, it can also be very distressing - due to the wetness and odor it causes - especially for people who sweat excessively. No one likes that uncomfortable wet feeling, or to have to worry about stained clothing. But for some people the problem is far more serious; for those who suffer from Hyperhidrosis, the sweating can be very limiting in their daily lives. Luckily, there are many different solutions to aid with the odor and wetness, from pads and deodorants to powders and antiperspirants of all strengths, and even electronic iontophoresis therapy.

Topical antiperspirant products will work well for most individuals with mild to moderate hyperhidrosis, and most people are able to find a treatment that they personally can benefit from.

One safe and easy treatment for mild to moderate Axillary Hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) is Klima Antiperspirant. This clinical-strength spray is strong enough to last through showers and up to five days after use, though how often it is applied will depend on the severity of each individual’s condition. Initially it should be used daily for 14 consecutive days to reach it’s full effectiveness.

Many sufferers of excessive underarm sweating have issues with hand and foot sweat, as well. Two variations of Klima Antiperspirant are Klima Confidence Handspray and Klima Surefoot Spray, each of which works much in the same way as the antiperspirant discussed above. For information on all three of these products and more, please visit If topical products are not strong enough to stop your severe sweating, please take a look at iontophoresis machines. These machines can usually stop even severe hyperhidrosis with a home treatment as infrequently as every 14 days.