​The History of Klima Health Solutions

Posted by Guy Kitchell on on 9th Dec 2015

The History of Klima Health Solutions

In 2001, I noticed that my over-the-counter (OTC) underarm deodorant was simply not doing the trick. I thought to myself that perhaps they changed the formula, and this one didn’t work for me. So, I bought a different OTC deodorant. That one worked for about 2 weeks, and then the same thing happened. I started buying all different types of deodorants and antiperspirants. Nothing seemed to work as well as I hoped.

I started spending a great deal of time researching odor and wetness and learned that I suffered from something called Hyperhidrosis (Extreme Sweating). There were only a limited number of options for treating this condition, and none that I tried worked for me. I decided that someone needed to make an over-the-counter product that was clinical-strength, and actually took away all of the wetness associated with hyperhidrosis.

I found a chemist in the Netherlands who is a master of deodorant and antiperspirant formulas. He helped us create a 5-day antiperspirant in his laboratory in Germany. After many different variations of the formula, we developed Klima Antiperspirant. It did not sting or burn like the other clinical-strength antiperspirants on the market. It lasted longer than any product I had ever heard of. A little bit of the product went a long way. All signs told us that this was a product we needed to share with the world of people suffering from extreme sweating (hyperhidrosis).

We quickly learned from our customers that the sweaty armpits were only the tip of the iceberg – and people suffering from other forms of hyperhidrosis needed topical products as well. We soon developed Klima Surefoot Spray for the feet and Klima Confidence Handspray for the hands. Since then, we have developed over 30 other products to combat hyperhidrosis and other skin conditions like keratosis, scabies, wrinkles and more.

Klima employs people who suffer from hyperhidrosis and we take our mission seriously. We want to help as many people as we can to live a normal, healthy, and dry life.

Guy Kitchell
Klima Health Solutions