Hyper Armour

Hyper Armour

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Designed for Hyperhidrosis sufferers, these highly absorbent and disposable pads prevent perspiration from leaking through onto clothing.

The self-adhesive back quickly sticks to the inside of your clothing.

Hyper Armour Pads are discreet and completely silent – even you will forget you are wearing them.

The top layers absorb perspiration, while the water-impermeable membrane blocks sweat from passing through onto your shirt.

Simple and effective – Hyper Armour prevents even excessive amounts of sweat from passing through onto your shirt. You will never again suffer from “sweat patches”.

These pads hold 10x more perspiration than some inferior brands on the market, yet are only half the size!

Safe on all fabrics.

For men and women.



Directions for Use:

1.  Fold pad in half and remove paper.

2.  Align indentation over inside underarm seam.

3.  Adhere pad to garment and smooth with fingers.

4.  Remove after wearing.

Size: One size fits all (15 cm x 9 cm)
One package contains 24 Pads.